Game Details:
2019-2020 2/11/2020 7:30 PM
  | Conroe



First HalfSecond HalfFirst Extra TimeSecond Extra TimePenalty ShootoutsTotalMVP
3 0 0 0 0 3
0 0 0 0 0 0



Player Details
Away Player Pos G A Sh St O P E Y R Start
Luis Angulo Midfield000000010Yes
Selvyn Cordova Forward000000000Yes
Josias Cruz Midfield000000000Yes
Jonathan Flores Defense000000010
Eliseo Garza Defense000000000Yes
Taylor Hamlett Defense000000000
Ty Inman Forward000000000
Ryan Isom Forward001000000
Mason Lambrecht Defense000000000
Till Langhammer Defense000000000Yes
Luke Liddle Defense000000000Yes
Arturo Parra Defense000000000Yes
Jason Rodriguez Defense000000000Yes
Aidan Spinks Forward000000000Yes
Fredy Suarez Defense000000000Yes
Josh Zamora Forward002000000Yes
Goalie Details
Away Goalie GA SA SV CP
Adrian Losa 3520
Game Comments:
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